Wednesday, 24 October 2012

An open letter to PETA


When you have made as much noise about the poor state of British poultry and pork farming as you have about foreign furs and foie gras; when you have hounded the owners, shareholders and decision makers of McDonalds, KFC, Tesco, ASDA, Bernard Matthews, Chicken Cottage, Sainsbury’s, Nandos, 3663 etc etc etc about the billions of tons of cruel and destructive meat they sell each year; when you have put your single-minded, ill-thought, juvenile approach style behind you and actually used some sense and decency to appeal to the wider public in a hope to persuade them to make more ethical choices, only then should you feel comfortable emailing my personal email address asking me to pay heed to your blind-sighted, inverse snobbish, pseudo-emotional and vaguely threatening campaign against an issue which is responsible for an infinitesimal proportion of the animal cruelty you should be trying to end.

Get some perspective.



  1. Hoorah! See also this little tale....

  2. Outstanding, clearly you've had the same e-mail I got.
    At least they have dropped the 'Torture in a tin' label.

    Absolutely shambolic campaign from PETA

  3. Yay, sane people!

    @nationwide you present the case against this kind of campaigning beautifully, bravo.

    @Jennie: no...if they're allowed to indiscriminately sling content around the e-tubes then so am I :-)

  4. you've rather nailed my thoughts on foie gras, peta's campaign reminds me of the campaign to get hunting banned. picking on a very limited animal cruelty target that happens also to have some class elements associated with it. it's much easier to motivate people to get anti something that they don't ever really come into contact with. unlike proper institutionalised animal cruelty that annoyingly enough is enjoyed and supported financially by the majority of the general public.

  5. Couldn't agree more. When someone starts ranting about foie gras, I always ask where they buy their pork. It usually silences them or at the very least makes them think.

  6. Yep. Really really yep.
    I let out some interesting words when I got that press release, but none as lucidly and rationally put together as yours.

  7. I am appearing forward immediately in advance of conception your pseudo-emotional and vaguely threatening campaign further situation approximately right away.

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