Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Beer all about it! Sunday 15th November

And so the moment has come to announce our actual, proper final date for 2009; sad times indeed. But don't worry, we're going out with a bang-whizz-whooosh, and promise to return in the new year refreshed, inspired and totally ready to reopen The Shed.

We're teaming up with the lovely Jo of to bring you a stellar Sunday lunch based on our dearly beloved fave beverage; beer! (Okay, maybe my second fave, but Champagne only counts if you can afford it, right?). Five courses with a double whammy for dessert, each with a matched beer and a tasting lesson with Jo - how awesome can a single Sunday get?! I'm positively gutted that I'll be spending the afternoon in the kitchen...

Our menu;

Beer Royale on arrival

Traditional Swedish Gravad Lax with Crispy Potato Cakes and Fennel & Dill Salad

Cheese and Beer Soup - Welsh Rarebit in a bowl!

Beer-Marinated Slow Roast Lamb, Autumnal Root Veg Mash

Colston Bassett Stilton with Cheese Biscuits

Dessert Duo; Lemon Tart and Chocolate Truffle Cake

Suggested doantion £30 - positively bargain-o-licious for such a feast!

As well as the delicious grub above, you'll be tasting 6 different beers as well as a Beer Royale to get you going. Definitely an afternoon to leave the car keys at home! Arrive from 1pm for a prompt 1:30 start, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon and not worry about the effect of all that beer on your Monday morning - you can be tucked up in bed by 9pm.

Email for reservations....very limited spaces so get in quick.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Papa Ahmed's Curry Night, 4th November (sold out)

As the air takes on a definite chill we're ploughing boldly into the November nights with a curry evening to spice things up. Which brings us neatly to our first full blown collaboration!

Raised on Papa Ahmed's curry, youngest daughter Hannah will put her learned curry wisdom to tasty use on Wednesday November 4th. Hannah will be taking the culinary reigns to provide us with three superbly spiced main dishes to star in our Indian feast.

Sweet Lassi on arrival

Spiced Fishcakes with Onion Salad and Mango Chutney
Curried Lentil Soup

Papa Ahmed's Free Range Chicken Curry
Saag Aloo
Chana Marsala
Rice and freshly made Chapattis

Dessert to be this space.

Recommended donation £20 a head

Space is limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Email for reservations. See you there!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

October 24th (sold out)

I realise that posting up a menu that's already sold out may seem a little pointless, but there’s a strange lady who has started printing and filing each post, and we wouldn't want to disappoint her now would we? (Hello mum).

We quickly realised that one of our strengths is 'small plates' - tapas, mezze, call it what you will, but there's something in sending a steady stream of food that seems to make people happy. It does also allow for the cook to send everything as it's ready and in its prime, rather than perhaps having to hang on for two minutes whilst another component reaches perfection. I also adore soups....making them, eating them, feeding them to other people, and my friend Yasmin makes the best chicken soup, proper Jewish penicillin, that I’ve ever tasted; I hope I can do it justice. She deserves more than a little credit for inspiring this menu, and she should get her arse back from Israel to try it!

So, to the Middle East (or there abouts)

Yasmin’s Chicken Soup with Matzo Meal Dumplings
Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Baba Ganoush
Beef and Potato Cakes
Marinated and Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb
Baked Feta in a Rich Tomato Sauce

Orange & Almond Cake with crème fraiche

Coffee with Baklava

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hallowe'en Special, 31st October (sold out)

I’ve struggled a little (a lot!) over this menu, for two reasons. Firstly, how to avoid the tacky pitfalls usually associated with Halloween grub? The canned-pumpkin pie and olive-eyeball pasta, the bread-crumbed witches’ fingers and spaghetti worms (pasta seems to get particularly abused if the recipes we found through Google were anything to go by!). My other main concern is that this menu may be our last (for a few months anyway – too cold in the shed), so we’d better make it a good one – see point number 1!

So I tried to think outside usual bag of Halloween treats, and turned to the writings of a chef oft associated with the vaguely macabre, Mr Fergus Henderson. I’ve had the Nose to Tail book for nearly two years, and although I must have read it cover to cover over 20 times, I’ve barely even touched the surface of the recipes within. As the sole meat-eater in a household of two, there’s not much scope for whole hams, pigs’ heads or terrines which will serve 8. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the read (over and over again!), and feel that it’s time to put my book smarts into practise.

Bloody, bloody Mary

Devilled Crab Cakes

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Belly, Bird, Beast and Bean Cassoulet

Trick or Treat Party Bag

Suggest donation, £25

The dishes inspired by Nose to Tail are the devilled crab cakes and the cassoulet. Henderson sings the praises of confit delicacies – the process of cooking and preserving meat in fat – so I’m going to give it a go with my Belly, Bird, Beast and Bean Cassoulet (pork belly, ducks’ legs, and wild boar sausages since you ask). This one is not for the faint hearted!

Email for reservations. Starts at 7:30pm, BYO booze, fancy dress optional but advised!

Monday, 21 September 2009

October 20th Menu (sold out)

With the nights drawing in and the air getting colder, we're wondering how much longer we can keep going until The Shed gets too cold for comfort. We're pretty sure we'll be fine until Halloween (it's quite a cosy shed!), but anything after that will be a bonus so this menu may well be the second-to-last for 2009.

Roast Cherry Tomatoes with Goats' Cheese, Lemon, and Mint

“Capitalist Pig” with Potato and Celeriac Gratin and Savoy Cabbage

Lady Gray's 'to die for!' Toffee Brownies with Chantilly Cream

Tea or Coffee

Suggested donation, £20

Our Capitalist Pig will in fact be a whole ham, boiled in coke-a-cola, then baked in the oven with a final sticky glaze making for a succulent, tender, sweet-and-salty affair. Delicious! The dessert, you will notice, will not be made by our fair hands but by Lady Gray of The Hidden Tea Room. A wildly successful (just ask Time Out!) underground outfit, The Hidden Tearoom serves proper champagne tea with delectable finger sarnies, fresh-from-the-oven scones and scores of homemade cakes and sweet treats.

We're now sold out for everything except this night and our Hallowen Special on the 31st. If you'd like to make reservations, email

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Gift Swap Night, October 13th (sold out)

You bring us a wrapped gift, we cook you dinner, when you go home we open our pressies and find out what you brought us. No money changes hands.

You don't know what you're going to eat. We don't know what we're going to get. We all trust that the other isn't going to pull a fast one!! for reservations.


Something slightly more organised...

After six fantastic weeks we're taking a fortnight-long break but will be back with gusto and ready to cook up a storm.

Saturday 26th September - Private function with Music in a Small Space

Tuesday 29th September - Tapas, sold out

Tuesday 6th October - Malaysian Magic (click for menu)

Tuesday 13th October - Gift Swap Night

Tuesday 20th October - menu undecided but definitely open!

Saturday 31st October - Hallowe'en Special, what this space for details.

So there we go. These very well may be the last Shed dinners for a wee while, as we're closing for winter 'cos it gets a wee bit nippy out there! We're going to take it as it comes, but once you can see your breath we're done for, though might invite people 'round for an intimate and warming gooey fondue :)

We'll post some more information about October's menus, but for a couple of weeks it's goodbye from us. We'll be picking up the emails from time to time, so please drop us a line if you want to get yourselves booked in for some Shed dining

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Future times

Even on the eve of the first Tapas Fantastica, we have but 5 places left for the of the rest of September. As much as we'd like to be able to say "this is because we're great", it's largely because we'll be on holiday for two weeks. So, 5 places, all for the 8th September, who wants em? We will, of course, let you know if and when any cancellations pop up.

And so we look to October. Rather than stick with the same menu for the whole month, like we have with August and we aim to do with September, things will be a-changing. Our first two menus, though the same throughout the month, have been quite extensive - 6 courses in August and around 15 dishes plus accompaniments in September - so we're thinking of simplifying for October. Probably just (quelle horreur!) three courses. Maybe the odd appetiser here and there (we just can't help ourselves), but definitely only three proper courses.

After attending an afternoon of Malaysian cookery instruction over the weekend, the first menu in October will be a hot little eastern number. The course was facilitated by Azi Campbell, owner of Puji Puji on Balls Pond Road, who imparted the secrets of 'proper' Malaysian cookery and inspired us to get spicy in October.

6th October - Malaysian Magic
£14 for vegetarians, £16 for meat eaters and pescetarians
Free-range (though not from the garden!) Chicken, Prawn, or Tofu Satay
Beef or Vegetable Rendang with Nasi Goreng
Some kind of awesome dessert

Email for reservations and enquiries. We're planning a Halloween Special on the 31st October though won't say any more until we've finalised the menu.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Muy bueno!

After a weekend packed with ingredient sourcing and recipe testing (hard life, eh?), we have some delicious new dishes to add to a few stalwart faves. We must admit going a little off-piste and sneaking in a cheeky little not-so-Spanish mezze, but it was just too good to exclude...can you spot it?

A rough draft of the menu, subject to change pending delivery of two new cookery books!

Breads, olive oil, vinegar, olives, dried cherry tomatoes

Tortilla (v)
Padron peppers (v)
Broad beans with shallots (v)
Empanadas (v)
Pumpkin and tahini dip (v)
Marinated anchovies
Braised cabbage with chicharrones and chorizo

Paella (v)
Stuffed mushrooms (v)
Griddled aubergines (v)
Patatas bravas (v)
Gambas a la plancha with saffron mayonnaise
Salmon ceviche


On the lookout for another veggie dish to add to the ‘main course’, so veggies don’t despair! Those in possession of the Moro East book will probably note a degree of inspiration taken from it, and one of the recipes will replicated’s so good, it doesn’t need any tinkering. I must say thank you to my dedicated tasting team (job well done) and also to MsMarmiteLover for teaching me how to griddle a mean aubergine :)

Going back to Moro is easily the best book I have acquired in the last year or so – feel free to ask to see it after dinner, then go buy yourself a copy! It’s a tremendous book.

If you're not already booked in for Tapas Fantastica and like what you see, email for reservations.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tapas Fantastica

In eternal faith of a luscious Indian summer, we’re going all Mediterranean in September with a glut of tasty tapas. We’ll be serving around 20 dishes across three courses, and this time we’re dipping a hungry toe into carnivorous waters, but retaining a strong foundation of veggie delights.

8pm, Tuesdays in September.

Suggested donation;
£14 for vegetarians
£18 for meat eaters, omnivores and pesce-curious

Email for reservations and queries....see you there!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Opening night!

So it finally rolled around, and after A LOT of preparention, actually went quite smoothly! We'll probably make a few tweaks here and there, but on the whole we were pleased with what we've done. Due to two cancellations we were able to sit down with everybody for cheese and dessert, which was definitely the highlight for us. Every cloud...

A lovely review here from the queen of underground restaurants herself, Ms Marmite Lover.

We have a few spaces (about 6 ish I think) left for the current menu for August, before moving on to Tapas Fantastica in September. About which more details coming soon....

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Our first menu

We were going to be all mysterious and secretive about the menu but realised this only works when you have a reputation for making delicious food, which we have yet to achieve (through lack of exposure rather than talent, we 'ope).

Last minute disasters and catastrophes aside, menu number one will be;

Trio of soups with soldiers
Spiced lentil cakes with a tomato sauce
Posh fish pie, some kind of tasty green veg
Cheese, biscuits, and homemade chutney
White chocolate croissant pudding with red fruits

We're hoping to serve this - or a good approximation of - every Tuesday night for the duration of August. Places are stil available so get in touch via the blog or email for reservations. Veggie main course option also available on request.

From August 4th, Tuesday nights, 8pm. BYO booze. Suggested donation £20, and feel free to tip your lovely waiter!

So this is blogging....

Hello, welcome, the brand new blog is here. When asked by Bellaphon, do you blog?, I thought crumbs, no, who has the time? but here we are a mere two weeks later, kickstarting The Shed official blog with aplomb. Okay, aplomb is whole level of effort too far for this post, but hopefully we’ll have something worthwhile to say very soon. Menus or something.

We'll do our best to keep it faintly let us know if we fail.